Rubikartist Ernesto Fernández at Mobile World Congress

Rubikartist Ernesto Fernandez twisted his Rubik’s Cubes into some stunning pieces of art for us at the Kodak Phones stand at Mobile World Congress in February, so we caught with him to talk about what exactly is involved in such a specific and unique art form, and his experience working with us at MWC.

How did you take up Rubikart? 

I have been competing all over the world for over 10 years and have been Spain’s winner many times and in different categories including the European and World Championships. I have always had the idea of doing “something more” in mind and that is why during these last few years I have been teaching at school, with elderly people and also teaching people with disabilities with adapted cubes. Then two years ago, I had the idea of creating art with Rubik’s cubes.


I have made mosaics for sportspeople like Rafael Nadal, Iker Casillas, David Ferrer, Arnold Schwarzenegger; mosaics of famous figures like Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela; and replicating popular paintings or different companies’ logos. I have also been involved in big events like Mutua Madrid Open Tennis, ACB and Mundial SBK.

What motivates/inspires your art?

I just like to innovate and demonstrate to people that it is possible to create art with any object.

What’s your creative process? Does it differ from piece to piece?

After choosing an image I go through a very laborious process with different computer graphic design applications in order to create my piece. I love impressionist art (Manet, Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh …) so I always try to use that artistic style in my work. Due to the limitation of colors each piece looks completely different and depends on many factors, for example, if it is a face or a landscape, the size, the distance that the viewers will be able to observe it, etc

Do you work exclusively with Rubiks cubes or do you still experiment with other art? 

Yes, my main tool is definitely Rubik’s cubes.

How long does one piece of art take (including preparation)? 

It always depends on the number of cubes and the type of image, but a mosaic like one of Dalí or Gaudí takes about 8 hours. The majority of that time is used for the digital editing of the image.

Are there any limitations or challenges to Rubikart? 
The only limit is the imagination. As Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do a great job is to love what you do” and I definitely love what I do.


Do you know of any other Rubik artists? 

Yes I do. There are many people making mosaics with Rubik’s cubes but not so big, not so fast and definitely not with such image definition and quality.

Which one of your pieces are you most proud of? 

Albert Einstein, Dalí and Tower of Hercules.

How were your experiences of working on the Kodak Ektra stand at MWC? 

I’ve had a lot of fun and it has been an incredible experience for me to work with the Kodak staff at such an important event as MWC. I really hope we can collaborate on new projects on the future.

“The only limit is the imagination”



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