Anna Snowball at The Photography Show!

Our final Creator at The Photography Show was Anna Snowball, documentary director and producer, who likes finding moments of humour in the everyday, filming with forgotten communities, observing Britishness, and exploring the psychology of spirituality. Today she revealed to us a host of projects she currently has in the works.

Why did you choose this story and how did you find it?

I went out looking for images of crowds as one mass, and I was listening for all those silly things you overhear on the train that sound so ‘businessy’ and sound obstructed. I was also looking out for those individuals that you spot on your commute, those human moments.

Did the device allow you to do that? Did you have any problem recording with it?

I didn’t have any problems; people were really open to being filmed as it’s just a phone. Security asked me what I was doing but when he saw that it was just a phone he just let me to carry on. It also sparked a lot of conversation.

Hanging it around my neck actually changed my mentality, because most of the time with my large kit, I’ll see something happening but because I’ve packed up for the day, I don’t have time to react and take out my lens so I just leave it. But having the device right here I just double press the shutter button and… it’s ready to go. So I was capturing a lot more of the spontaneous moments and the things that capture my attention than I would if I was using my usual kit.

What are you working on apart from this, any other projects in mind?

Currently I work with two other filmmakers in a company called Glow In The Dark Films and we are make authentic documentaries and we’re also making a few shorts for Channel 4 News.

Personally I’m working on two projects: one about pregnant women in Brazil (in the area where they used to have Zika) and also Iranian Yellow Pages – about Iranians in London who use free ads in a free paper which is handed out in London. It’s just a place for Iranians to connect with each other. Some of the ads are slightly bizarre, some quite heartfelt, looking for a wife. So I’m just calling them up, finding out what’s going on in their life and.. discovering.

I’m also looking at making a documentary about NHS workers, looking into the legacy that the NHS has had on them and the effect they have had on the NHS. So I’ll be interviewing people who have worked there since the 60s until today.

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